a tool that with a few simple clicks lets you delete your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more! It also allows you to change some of your Facebook Settings you may not think are important.

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Use this website to prevent people from finding personal information about you using publicly available information on the internet (OSINT). Potential employers, Police and hackers can collect information they find on you across the internet. helps you to protect this information.

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Most social media and all of the popular websites allow you to delete your accounts. But some hide this feature under layers and layers of pages. Even if you look at the FAQ sections, you will see the question “how do I delete my account?” and instead of providing a simply link they will provide a 5 stage process on how to find the page. We have done that work for you! also provides links to certain settings on Facebook that is particularly handy to prevent somebody from finding your account in the first place. You may think you are protected by hiding what you post on Facebook. But other information can still be seen to the public, such as your profile and cover photos, username, friends list, pages you like.